Ash processor Crematec AB-10

askberedare-ab-10The framework of the ash processor is a construction of 1.5mm steel sheet painted in the color RAL 7016. Alternative alternatives such as stainless offered separately. The ash processor has been equipped with heavy insulation to obtain the lowest possible noise level, estimated at around 50-55 dB.

The standard version is factory-made by front doors in brushed stainless steel, SS2333. Alternative such as coated or copper are offered separately. To obtain such a clean and stylish exterior as possible, the sliding doors at the front fitted with concealed hinges.

The grinding unit in the ash processor is based on the principle of chains as ”hits” break the ash, which then falls down through a perforated plate and on down into the urn. Metal parts contained in the ash fall into the ash pan after completion of preparation. The ash processors control system consists of a PLC, which operated from a 5.7 ”touch panel, mounted on the ash processors upper front door.



400 V, 16 A
Milling time approximately 2 min
Granuler size < 3,5 mm
Urn heights approximately 200-350 mm
Sound level 50-55 dB
Ventilation needs approximately 300 m3/h
Weight approximately 350 kg
MeasureMått h 1900 mm, b 1200 mm, d 645 mm


Cooling Cabinet
svalskap-1The design of the cooling cabinet is the same as the ash processor. Cooling cabinet has room for 6 ash boxes and is well ventilated to obtain a rapid cooling of the ashes.

Ash processor: above description
Cooling cabinet: with space for 6 ash boxes
Ash boxes: 6 pieces

Delivery: about 10 weeks after order




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