Cremation Furnace



The furnace main burning and post-combustion chamber is built in high-temperature resistant refractory. The furnace is the result of a careful study of the cremation process, allied with considerable practical experience over a number of years. Thanks to modern technology the furnace is energy saving and environmental friendly.


High capacity

The high capacity is possible mainly due to well insulated heat storage around the cremator chamber, automatic under-pressure control as well as advanced process control of the combustions air. Cremation time is short and efficient, a normal cremation takes 60-90 minutes.


Control system

A microprocessor with electronic boards controls the regulation of temperature, air supply, draught regulation and smoke density. The computer panel has clear symbols to ensure easy operation.


Energy saving construction

The combustion air is preheated to a very high temperature from the heat stored in the refractory during the first stage of the cremation cycle. The pre-heated air speeds up the combustion process and prevent decrease of chamber temperature.

Environmental requirements

Automatic control normally results in flue gases without smoke and odour. Any potential increase in smoke is automatically detected and the air increased so that waste gases are completely combusted at a sufficiently high temperature to eliminate odours and smoke.


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