Flue Gas Cleaning


Crematec’s experience of flue gas cleaning to cremator dates back to the beginning of the 90ties. Crematec deliver total solutions where the flue gas cleaning is an integrated part with the cremator.

Environment regulation

The Crematec cremator is free from smoke and smell and has lower emissions than other competitors, but flue gas cleaning is necessary to eliminated mercury and dioxins. Crematec fulfills European environment regulation, which is the toughest regulation in the world. The filter also fulfills all workers and quality requirements.


Crematec flue gas cleaning

Crematec have two different types off flue gas coolers, tube type and fume type. These may be combined with three different filter solutions. Rotor filter with re-circulation of additive. Traditional injection filter and fixed bed filter.

Low operation costs

The Crematec flue gas cleaning has extremely low consumption of additive. The electricity consumption is low. The lifetime of the filter bags is long. Service and maintenance is cheap. All this together makes operation cost low for the Crematec flue gas cleaning system.


A cremator is different from industrial incinerators. The cremation process has extreme variations in gas flow volume and temperature. The Crematec flue gas cleaning manages these variations. There are several built-in safety features to avoid filter fire or other damage on the filter bags. The Crematec flue gas filter is probably the safest system in the world.

User friendly

The system is adapted for the sensitive environment in a crematorium. The system has been made with consideration for easy handling of waste, and easy service and maintenance without any leakage of active carbon, oil or similar.

Crematec flue gas cleaning system:

  • Economy – low consumption of additive
  • Environment – eliminates dust, Hg and dioxins
  • Low noise level – both in-door and out-door
  • Reliable – few stops and problems
  • Safety – safe for operator
  • Dry system – no added water
  • User friendly – adapted for crematorium
  • Service – easy and cheap service


Schematic picture of the bag filter with recycle of additive


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