Insertion Machine


Wide range of insertion machines

Crematec has several models of insertion machines. Some are manual, some semi-automatic and some fully automatic.

S-55  AS-55  GA-55  GA-2-55

Model S-55/S-110

Crematec still manufactures the classic TABO insertion machine model S-55 and S-110. The number refers to the lifting height. There is a half-automatic version called S-55-A/S-110-A. It is probably the world’s most delivered and most copied insertion machine. The insertion machine is an electro-hydraulic arrangement on rails lowered in the floor, permitting the charging arms to descend below the floor level. Thereby the bier holding the coffin can easily be wheeled into position between the arms. The coffin is then lifted and the bier wheeled aside under the arms. The insertion door is opened by an electric motor and the insertion machine moves toward the cremator. The coffin is lowered on the ceramic floor of the cremator, the machine retracts and the door closes.

Model AS-55/AS-110/GA-55/GA2-55

These models are completely built in floor. It makes the floor area in front of the cremator free, and a coffin may easily be placed in front of the cremator with a truck. The machine is completely automatic. The coffin arms are lifted, the insertion door opens, the insertion machine moves toward the cremator, and the machine retracts and the door closes, all automatically. The machine has several safety functions. Any time during the insertion it is possible to switch to manual mode. The machine may be pushed into the cremator manually, and it is also possible to manually retract the machine from the cremator. It is a safe and reliable system.


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