Coffin Handling



Coffin storage

Crematec have supplied several different coffin handling systems. The system is designed to enable easy handling in the whole crematorium, from off-loading of car, within the crematorium, and between cooling room and cremator insertion machine. The system gives an efficient handling of coffins without any heavy lifts.


Crematec have two different models of coffin storage system. The first system have free standing poles for two level storage, the second have a support beam on top and can store coffins in three levels.


Both coffin storage systems have round poles, which make the storage room easy to clean. The beams are made of stainless steel and round to avoid coffins getting stuck. The poles also give a nice appearance. The system is adapted for a special made coffin handling truck.

The height between the shelves and the total height may be adjusted to accommodate the storage system in different types of building. The lowest level may either be stored on rack, or directly to the floor. The system is primary design for coffin handling with truck, but the lowest level may be adjusted to fit catafalques.

Coffin handling truck

A coffin may weight of up to 250 kgs and even smaller coffins require two persons to lift. Crematec coffin handling truck enables one person to handle the coffins within the crematorium, and makes coffin handling easy without heavy lifts.


The wheels are extra high, which enable the truck to be used even on un-even surface or in slopes. The wheels are made of rubber to avoid damage on the floor and lower the noise level.

Crematec coffin handling truck:

  • May lift from car, floor, catafalque or racks.
  • Coffins may be transported to Crematec insertion machine without re-loading.
  • Equipped with adjustment system to enable off-loading from car or loading in slopes.
  • Extra-large wheels in rubber for the sensitive environment in crematoriums.


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